Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Step By Step Mickey Mouse Drawing Full Body

Hello guys.How to draw Mickey Mouse full body step by step?Simple drawing techniques for you.If you like Mickey Mouse please keep reading.I love drawing Mickey Mouse.
Now I will show you how to draw easy Mickey Mouse, Famous character with easy to follow steps.Please comment and share.

Step #1
First we'll draw Mickey Mouse's head and then his nose and mouth.It's easy. You can do it.Please check the picture.

Step #2
Then we will draw Mickey Mouse's full body.After we will draw with a dark pen.

Step #3
I painted Mickey Mouse's ear and nose :) Very nice.

Step #4
I painted Mickey Mouse's shorts red.

Step #5
I painted Mickey Mouse's shoes orange.So cute :)

Step #6
I painted yellow Mickey's feet,arms and face.Then I signed the picture.

Easy and fast Mickey Mouse drawing is over.It was a great drawing.Try this drawing method for you.I loveeee Mickey :)See you !!

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